4 Major Private Label Cosmetis Beauty Facial Sheet Mask Materials You Can Choose From

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4 Major Private Label Cosmetis Beauty Facial Sheet Mask Materials You Can Choose From 

When you do set out to buy a private label facial sheet mask, you realise you are spoilt for choices. And here, we are not only talking about ingredients, we are talking about materials too. 

The shop assistant attending to you will probably present you with all the available options rattling off the benefits of each. 

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Which should you pick?

The best facial sheet mask is obviously one that is suited to your skin. Here, it helps to know the different materials used to make facial sheet masks and how they compare to each other. 


Cotton has always been the preferred option when it comes to use on the skin. It is light and has a soft texture. This greatly reduces the chances of irritation when applied to the skin. Besides, cotton is one of the breathable fabrics. 

Within the category of cotton facial sheet masks, there is organic and non-organic cotton too. Most of them are white in colour. Cotton facial sheet masks soak up the skin-repairing serum well. However, their absorbent capacity is not as high as hydrogel and microfiber facial sheet masks.  

Cost-wise, cotton facial sheet masks turn out to be quite economical. 


Microfiber facial sheet masks bear a striking resemblance to Cotton facial sheet masks. The only difference is that they have a slightly thicker and softer texture than cotton facial sheet masks. 

Microfiber is a biodegradable material. It also does not contain any harmful chemicals and is safe on the skin. They have a good moisture retention capacity too. What we liked about the microfiber facial sheet mask is that it conforms to the contours of your face, thus providing a snug fit. 


This facial sheet mask is made of natural cellulose fibers. Natural sheet mask manufacturers use either plant-based or microbial cellulose. 

If we compare, Biocellulose sheet masks have a great adhesive quality. This means it allows for better absorption of the skin-nourishing nutrients and minerals present in the serum. This ensures the ingredients penetrate deep and do not evaporate. 

Being breathable, the air circulates freely across the skin making these facial sheets extremely comfortable to wear. They are thinner than hydrogel facial sheet masks and feel like an additional layer of skin. 

Biocellulose facial sheet masks are on the higher end of the scale when it comes to price. 


This is by far the best material for facial sheet masks. It makes up for all the shortcomings of the other mask materials on this list. 

Hydrogel has been originally used in the medical industry, particularly in burn units for the following reasons. The sheet is the serum itself. It sticks very well to the skin and traps all the moisture within. It also cools the skin further promoting healing. 

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Of course, all this goodness comes at a slightly higher cost. It is transparent in its look and its paper-thin texture calls for careful handling. Lest it tear! Disposing a hydrogel mask is easy. Just drop it in a bowl of water. It will dissolve. 

Now that you are aware of the different facial sheet mask materials, go make your pick! 

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