Creating A Private Label Facial Sheet Mask Brand - What You Need to Know

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Creating A Private Label Facial Sheet Mask Brand - What You Need to Know

As a beginner looking to get your feet wet in the skincare industry, you must have realised by now -- It is not a simple feat! 

You need a facility, R&D and of course a big budget if you intend to set up your skin care brand. That's not always possible when you are starting out. 

Is there a solution? Private labelling. It is a trend in manufacturing that is catching up real fast due to its advantages. The best by far is the significant reduction in the overhead expenses of a business. 

If you haven't yet heard about private labelling, don't worry. This article gives you a lowdown on the entire process, especially if you are considering a private label facial sheet mask line. 

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What is Private Labelling? 

In the process of private labelling, there are two parties -  the product manufacturer and the retailer. The retailer does not personally manufacture the products it sells. The manufacturing component is taken care of by the third-party manufacturer the skincare brand ties up with. 

The retailer however is responsible for packaging and branding. Thus, a private label sheet mask manufacturer will make use of your logo design and scheme of colours on the packaging.

It depends who handles the product branding. Some manufacturers offer end-to-end services completing the process from production through packaging. In other cases, the retailer does the packaging after the manufacturer supplies the product to him. 

Who creates the product? 

Once again, it is done two ways. In the first case, the manufacturer produces the item. It is their product in terms of the formulation and design. They are also responsible for product testing. The primary reason they tie up with facial sheet mask retailers is because they don't have a wide customer base to sell their products too. Thus, the arrangement becomes a win-win for both. 

On the other hand, a private label face mask manufacturer might also create a custom product for a retailer. Here, the retailer specifies the design, material and mixture as per his requirements. The manufacturer only follows the instructions. 

Is Private Labelling ideal for you? 

Private label face mask manufacturing is a profitable option if: 

● You are a smaller business with a small budget

● You are a newbie in the field of skincare. 

Advantages of using a Private Labelling Face Mask Manufacturer

● Working with a private label face mask manufacturer is cost saving. A retailer does not have to spend on hiring a manufacturing facility or labour. 

● It is also time saving. With a third party handling production and testing, the retailer can focus on other aspects of running a business such as branding and customer retention. 

● It doesn't matter if you have no experience in skin care product manufacturing. They use their product formulations saving time and money that one would have to invest in research. 

● Sourcing facial sheet masks from a private label manufacturer also means a lower per unit cost. You can set a higher cost increasing the profit margin for you. 

● Although the third party manufacturer produces the facial sheet masks, you still have control over the quality. 

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Should you use the services of a private labeling face mask manufacturer? Yes! All you need to do is look for a trusted and reliable private label face mask manufacturer. You won't regret the decision. 

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