How To Use A Private Label Facial Sheet Mask To Get The Best Benefits

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How To Use A Private Label Facial Sheet Mask To Get The Best Benefits 

You've finally found a private label facial sheet mask with ingredients you think will work wonders for your skin. But it doesn't end there!  

The trick to getting the best out of your private label facial sheet mask is knowing how to use it. In most cases, beauty face mask manufacturers provide detailed instructions to guide you. 

You shouldn't stray from those instructions; however a few additional tips will further enhance the results. 

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Start with a clean face 

This is the thumb rule before you apply any skincare product. Layers of makeup or dirt can block the absorption of the active ingredients in the mask. 

It could also react with the ingredients causing skin irritation and breakouts. Hence, always start with a clean face. 

Tear it open carefully 

The effectiveness of a private label facial sheet mask is in the serum it comes soaked in. For first-timers, be careful how you open the packet because those cutouts drip with serum. 

The last thing you want to do before you sit down to apply your mask is clean up a sticky, serum mess.  

Apply the mask 

Private label facial sheet masks are created in a standard size with cutouts for the eyes, mouth and nose. Most fit all faces comfortably. 

Align the mask carefully so that cutouts are positioned in the right places. Start by applying the mask from the top and move down gradually. 

With a gentle massaging action, iron out any wrinkles or air bubbles you see on the sheet. The mask should fit snug on the skin. Any extra serum that may have pooled into the packet can be manually applied to the other areas of your skin. 

Let it sit 

Private label facial sheet masks must be left on the skin for a while to allow the ingredients to penetrate the skin. The recommended time is between 20-30 minutes. But it could vary depending on the private label facial sheet mask brand and the active ingredients. 

Do not let the mask dry out on your face. The mask will start drawing out the moisture from your face. 

Beauty face mask manufacturers will specify the exact time that you should leave the mask on for. In case of any burning or tingling sensation, remove the mask immediately. 

Peel off your mask 

Remove the mask once you've left it on for a while. Massage the serum residue. Use gentle circular motions to help the ingredients seep into the skin. 

Do not wash your face immediately after you peel off the mask. It will wash all the goodness of the mask away. 

How often should you use it? 

A private label facial sheet mask can be used as frequently as you like.  You can use it two-to-three times a day or everyday depending on the condition of your skin. 

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Private label facial sheet masks can be used only one time. The best times to apply a mask are early morning or just before you go to bed as the skin is free of makeup or other materials. 

Private label facial sheet masks need to be stored carefully in a dry and cool place.  Also, you can refrigerate your mask for 30 minutes before you apply it to your face. 

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