Top five types of cosmetic mask materials

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Hello Suicel!

You realize you are a #sheetmaskjunkie if you have tried out all of the different cosmetic masks on the marketplace. The list continues! With all these different kinds of cosmetic mask substances, you are likely wondering exactly what the gap is, and if there is a difference! We are here to clarify, so if you are interested then just read on!

Let us begin with saying that we want to believe each one differs. True, it can look like cosmetic masks are the exact same but every one is designed to supply you with something special, very similar to the way other skincare products get the job done. Perhaps it's hydration, perhaps it's soothing, perhaps it's clarifying! Whatever it is, sheet sprays are created to supply your skin with additional essential nutrients and adore, so the fabric of the cosmetic mask can also be important to be aware of!

Here is a breakdown of the most commonly used cosmetic mask materials:

1, Hydrogel


This cosmetic mask substance includes a transparent appearance and needs careful handling! Do not yank or yank to a hydrogel mask as it might tear and you are going to be left with sticking mystery pieces for your face. They're 100% waterproof and feels just like a cool, thin coating of film onto your face.

2. Microfiber/Cotton/Tencel/Cupra

These are the most common cosmetic mask materials. They're made from soft white cellulose cloth material. All these materials are plant-derived, so they are all non-irritating!

Microfiber: It's normally somewhat thicker and thicker than ordinary cotton sheets. Additionally, it conforms on the face . This substance is eco friendly as is biodegradable and doesn't contain harmful chemical ingredients.


Cotton: Fits nicely on the facial skin and contains a white cloth. It's absorbent, soft, also allows air and moisture transfer around freely, allowing the skin to remain comfy and moisturized.


Tencel: This fiber is obviously derived from trees, it's a newer fiber that's considered a sort of high quality lyocell fiber. It's eco-friendly and biodegradable. It's a white/light cream color and feels just like silk on skin!


Cupra: All these are short fibers which are left after raw cotton. This cosmetic mask substance is white but has a clear appearance when applied on your skin. It allows for moisture management and makes sure your skin is becoming essence that's evenly dispersed.


3, Charcoal


This cosmetic mask material is a black cloth and feels super smooth on the skin. Charcoal powder is compressed and infused to the cosmetic to detox the skin and also help balance out excess oils.

4, Foil


Seem somewhat crazy and attempt a foil cosmetic mask! It's a cotton coating on the side where it touches your skin making it super comfy to wear.

5, Bio-cellulose


This really is an all-natural fiber and sticks to your skin! No joke, you will feel as if you've got another layer of skin protecting you. It is quite much like hydrogels however bio-cellulose cosmetic masks are normally thinner. The powerful adhesion allows active ingredients to truly sink . You do not need those nourishment to evaporate in the air, ideal?!

Zhuhai Suicel New Material Co., Ltd. is focus on developing biodegradable new materials for sheet masks, also widely used in the cosmetics industry, medical industry, personal hygiene products and industrial dehydration. The materials for making SUICEL are based on plant extracts and are subject to high quality standards.

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